Slipping light and trees: Vitor Schietti’s photographic project

Oct 15, 2015 | written by:

'Permanent sculptures' is the new Vitor Schietti’s photographic project, made with fireworks and long exposure photography in order to illuminate Brazilian trees’ branches and trunks, his native land. The result is a masterpiece of light, shadow and movement, made possible by a huge post-production work to combine up to 12 shots in the final image.

The artist talks about his project: "These pictures are the results of many years of research in the field of long-exposure photography: the use of ND filters was critical to find a perfect balance between the lights dim twilight and the brightness of the fireworks.The central plateau of Brazil, a sort of Savannah called Cerrado, was the setting for most of these experiments.These light paintings are projects in progress and there will be others duringnext year.”

Find some other awesome pictures by Vitor on Flickr




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