Smart Upgrading: biomethane from waste

Oct 20, 2015 | written by:

Junk destiny, or better, organic waste destiny is about to change radically. Indeed, thanks to the new 'Smart Upgrading' technology, it will be possible to produce high quality biomethane from bio-waste with lower costs than the current ones and by using environmentally compound able to capture CO2. This system, developed by the research group of Maurizio Acciarri, professor of experimental physics at the Bicocca University of Milan (Italy) in collaboration with a company called Cem Ambiente, allows the separation of biomethane from biogas through the use of natural origin molecules, which are not presenting risks both for workers and the environment.

The experimentation took place in a landfill in Monza (near Milan) using a small prototype plant. Compared to the technologies currently used in this sector, 'Smart Upgrading' has two advantages: it works with a low cost biodegradable transformation material and it requires a low amount of energy. This type of biomethane costs 30% less than the others, it disposes of about 50 thousand tons of waste per year and it has the potential to cover 20% of Italian energy needs.

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