Smog Free Tower: the tower that cleans the polluted air

Jul 29, 2016 | written by:

Cleaning air is the dream of environmentalists. Finding a suitable engagement ring, and possibly economic, one of the most engaged. An innovative tower could achieve both objectives: it is called Smog Free Tower, it is seven meters high and it is able to suck the polluted air and produce clean air.

But there's more. During the purification process small stones from the cubic form that can be used to realize some jewelery, in particular rings and cuff link are created. Made by Dutch architect Daan Roosegaarde, the Smog Free Tower works like a giant vacuum cleaner, that can suck up to 30 thousand cubic meters of air per hour. It is powered by wind energy and, once stored the polluted air, it is able to isolate the ultrafine particles and return clean. Its operation is simple but effective and is based on the concept of air ionization.

In practice, static electricity fields that hold fine particles (PM10 and PM2.5) from traffic and heating systems are created within the structure. At the end of the process the air, purified from pollutants, is sent back to the outside, clean more than 75% of the sucked previously. The fight against pollution is just one of the Smog Free Tower project. As explained by the same Roosegaarde, indeed, the object of the invention is 'making smog more tangible for people', so the Dutch designer has also worked out a way to recycle the fragments of smog from the tower. Thanks to a compression system of pollutant particles, smog is crystallized in small stones shaped like a cube, each of which contains the equivalent of about a thousand cubic meters of air, which can be used to make rings and other jewelry. The first prototype, funded on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, has seen the light in Rotterdam, a city famous for its avant-garde architecture, the original urban design, but unfortunately because of the high rate of pollution but soon, as announced by the Dutch company, new models will make their appearance in Beijing, Mexico City, Paris and Los Angeles.

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