Stella McCartney and forests-friendly fabrics

Jul 20, 2016 | written by:

What does fashion have to do with deforestation? Everything, at least according to Stella McCartney, daughter of the hugely popular member of the Beatles, Paul McCartney. Stella is vegetarian, animal-rights activist and promoter of the environmentally-friendly fashion and, once again, goes back to talk about herself and her sustainable style through collaboration with Canopy, the British Columbia–based nonprofit forestry association that has been rallying designers, brands, and retailers such as Eileen Fisher, H&M, Marks & Spencer and Zara to eliminate the use of endangered-forest fibers in their rayon, modal, and viscose clothing.

“It was through Canopy that I found out shocking figures - explains the British designer - 100 million trees a year are cut down solely for producing fabrics, so when Canopy approached me, I didn't hesitate for a single moment”. Rising demand for wood pulp, projected to increase over the next 40 years, is depleting some of the world's most ancient forests. After launching in 2013, Canopy Style has garnered support from more than 65 industry leaders, including several rayon and viscose producers who are committed to safeguard endangered world's forests and protect animals and communities who live and work within them.

Stella McCartney pledged her company to use only cellulose fibers that meet strict sustainability standards. By 2017 none of the raw materials used for the production in her company will contribute to deforestation. In addition, all wood used in the construction of her accessories is 'Forestry Stewardship Council-certified', an internationally recognized title that ensures a sustainable forest management and traceability of the products.

“Forests provide us with clean water and air and produce fuel, food, medicine and resources such as timber, as well as being the natural habitat of millions of different species - concludes the designer - Deforestation produces a long series of negative effects and that is why our goal is to become a 'zero deforestation' company, with activities and products totally unrelated to the process of forest destruction”.

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