Sustainable farms in urban cities: a way to save our Planet

Apr 26, 2017 | written by:

Who says you can’t build a sustainable farm in the middle of a huge city? The new frontier of agriculture is called urban farming and consists in cultivating unused spaces within urban areas, exploiting the latest technologies.

Viraj Puri, co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens, an innovative urban farming company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, knows it very well. "Gotham Greens’ mission is to make our agricultural and food system more sustainable. When my parents and I founded the Gotham Greens, we really wanted to address the growing ecological and public concerns around the conventional farming - Viraj Puri says - Modern agriculture has a huge impact on natural resources. In fact, this kind of cultivation represents the largest consume of land on the Planet, the largest consume of fresh water, it’s responsible for global and greenhouse gas emissions so it occurred to us to create a new model using sustainable technology to grow high-quality food in urban areas that are in need of economic revitalization and job creation”. Compared to traditional farming, Gotham Greens’ operations use a fraction of the land, exploit renewable energy, save water and helps the environment.

“The greenhouse extension today in Brooklyn is 20.000 square feet which is about half of an acre. The yields that we’re producing are equivalent to over a 20 acre farm - Puri continues - We are taking otherwise unused space, industrial space turning it into a vibrant green space while allowing a natural farmland to exist in big cities. One piece of advice that should follow entrepreneurs who are committed to having a social responsibility is to partner with like-minded organizations. I think that it is incredibly important stay focused on one’s goals and the overall contribute to the social mission in a more positive and impacting way”.

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