Sustainable Ski Trips? Gore-Tex Works On

Feb 09, 2017 | written by:

It's February, a question becomes urgent: where do you go on skiing holiday? Sustainability is not always made of trees - even if that is the preferred way in Treedom – sometimes it passes from a snow-covered slope and a skier with latest generation technical clothing.

The Planet is getting warmer, experts and data confirm this: winter resort places have to adapt and these companies in the industry try to respond to the emergency of climate change becoming more sustainable and reducing their impact on environment.

This is the case of Gore Fabrics, known worldwide especially for clothing and sporting accessories in GORE-TEX® fabric. The company, founded in 1958 under the name WL.Gore & Associates, has the mission of "transforming industries and improve lives" and such understanding not only in the field of outwear, but also in the pharmaceutical, aerospace and electronic. Gore Fabrics has recently been added to multinational campaigns involved in sustainability and has formalized its commitment with a statement of purpose in the long term.

The crucial issue is the choice of materials used in production: Gore Fabrics, according to a scientific committee and with Greenpeace support, aims by 2020 to reduce by 85% the environmental relevance and potentially dangerous PFC present in the membranes in water-repellent fabrics and completely eliminate them in the next two years. "Our products have always been safe to wear, but Gore recognizes the problems concerning the possible environmental contamination generated from the use of this group of substances and the need to bring to market the most secure technologies for the environment," said Bernhard Kiehl, responsible sustainability Gore Fabrics. A measure which represents the company's desire to become a driving force for radical change of the clothing industry.

The maintenance of a delicate ecosystem such as mountainous, highly at risk because of the effects of climate change, requires an effort on several fronts. The traditional ski resort can be rethought in a resilient, starting from infrastructures that host skiers. In this direction Switzerland begins to put an effort. "In Canton Graubünden, there is real reflection on how to adapt tourism to climate change. The authorities clearly foresee directing development potential toward other seasons, especially summer. In canton Valais, it is very different. In official documents, we are still talking about the growth of winter tourism and increase in market share for skiing, whereas it would already be good news if we did not lose too many customers in the years to come" said Christophe Clivaz, sustainable tourism expert at the University of Lausanne.

So, more excursions by bike and trekking for all, always wonderful summer. But also, winter skier, get ready to change habits and become more aware.

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