Swimwear made with fishing nets

Sep 11, 2015 | written by:

When we buy an object realized by using recycled matter are we conscious about all the steps that have been done to create what we are using or wearing?

I don’t think so and for this reason I am fascinated about the Aquafil project called ECONYL: they not only reuse the nylon 6, but with the campaign ‘The Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ they are able to give usa complete overview about recycling the fishing nets to become socks or swimwear.



According to a joint report by FAO and UNEP there is approximately 640.000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets in the oceans, accounting for one-tenth of all marine litter. The Healthy Seas Initiative will identify effective procedures which will discourage the abandonment of fishing nets at sea and will make available, encourage, and facilitate responsible handling of fishing nets at the end of their life, allowing the recovery and regeneration into new products.

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