The Agronomist Diaries: Spirulina Pasta

Oct 08, 2015 | written by:

Niccolò is our agronomist and twice a month he will write an article about Treedom projects as well as best practice or positive case studies on eco-sustainability.

I’m really amazed when I find initiatives and projects which are made to improve the quality of life and people health. I think that food is one of our wellness source and for this reason I’m happy to present you Algaenia, an Italian startup, which is producing ‘Green Fusillo’ which is no more than pasta made using spirulina.

The researchers working at Algaenia were thinking about how to satisfy people requests of high nutritious foods produced using Italian raw and natural materials. As they had an Arthrospira platensis local production, (Arthrospira platensis is a gram negative, non-toxic species of cyanobacteria with a wide array of uses in the natural and commercial world) they decided to merge it with wheat coming from Tuscany to obtain an organic high quality pasta, which is a great source of vitamin b, phosphor, calcium, iron and proteins.

You can cook Spirulina Pasta as it was a normal kind of pasta: the difference is that this product is able to normalize your cholesterol level, to improve your immune system and to act as an antioxidant.

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