The Avocado Show, the first European restaurant to propose only recipes with avocado

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Their names are Julien Zaal, Rob Simpson and Jaimie Van Heije and are three friends who, according to a trend well known in the US, at the end of February will open the first European restaurant to propose only recipes with avocado. It will be called The Avocado Show and will be in Amsterdam - a city that each year attracts many tourists and also very attentive to the green issues - and the avocado will be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner to meet all tastes, both sweet and salt lovers. At the time (before the opening) has a lot of fans on its social profiles, various international magazines are talking about it excited about this simple but innovative idea that focuses on the fruit already popular for its many benefits. Treedom is not exempt of the fruit’s attraction: in Kenya we plant avocado trees for several years and thus, we have interviewed Julien, Rob and Jaimie to ask them about the upcoming and future projects, but above all: will the avocado conquer the world?

Many people thought the avocado mania would be only a passing trend, but they were wrong and you’re now opening the Europe's first avocado restaurant, based in Amsterdam. Where did the idea of The Avocado Show come from? Why not a different fruit? And how do you know each other?

Yeah a lot of people thought that the avocado would be a passing trend, but it’s not. The avocado is packed with nature’s good stuff, so yummy, so versatile that the end is nowhere near. It is here to stay. The idea came from the trend of mono restaurants opening all over the world for burgers, lobsters, salad and even Nutella. So why not avocado? Ron came up with the idea of an all avocado restaurant and pitched it to his good friend Julien, together they created the entire concept and asked their chef friend Jaimie for some restaurant advice. Jaimie couldn’t resist the allure of the idea and joined the team. Everything after that just fell into place.

As you might know, Treedom used to plant Avocado trees in Kenya and we know it for always has been considered a fruit of fertility and – moreover – creativity. Could you explain us some of your main courses, maybe the most creative ones?

The creativity is found by challenging ourselves. Looking at classic dishes from all around the world that everybody loves like pizza, burgers, sushi, poke, poached eggs, pancakes etc and asking ourselves: how can we make this kick ass dish with avocado? Once the taste is right, we tackle our other love: styling. How can we make it look amazing? Combining avocado roses, shavings, creams, oils and other goodness with classic cooking techniques and even some simple solutions made the magic. Replacing burger buns with avocado, potato fries to avocado fries, using half an avocado as the base for styled salads etc. The fruit is very inspiring.

Your Instagram channel goes really well with more than 24k follower all over the world. What are your expectations and future goals? Are you planning to open other avocado restaurants in Europe?

Yes it does and we will continue to create and curate cool content for all the avo lovers like us. We are definitely looking into every opportunity and are talking to people all over the world for licensing and more. We think this adventure just got started for us. 

You live in Amsterdam and your restaurant will open in the most cosmopolite district of the city, the Pijp. In your opinion, how do citizens approach the sustainable themes and what is the perception on environmental issues such as pollution and global warming? Is the government doing something promoting any good practices?

Amsterdam and West Europe in general have really caught on to sustainability. We actually care about everything, that’s why we chose a bio and fair trade avocado vendor that really works towards the future. Of course it’s more expensive and yes the prices of the dishes will go up a little, but it’s worth it. All of us want to know more about our food and how we can enjoy life without destroying this beautiful Planet. We are looking into this with our food, but also with our drinks and more. We’re sure the government tries to do what they can, but we don’t depend on them to make the right call. We invested a lot of time, effort and resources in finding the perfect partnerships.

Recipe, styling & photography credit: Colette Dike / @fooddeco for the AVOCADO book.

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