The blooming newspaper

Feb 10, 2016 | written by:

It will be like buying a newspaper and a flower bouquet at the same time. Keeping in your hands two different things encased in one. I find a wonderful idea, as well as a perfect green marketing operation, that of the Japanese publisher The Mainichi Newspapers Co. Ltd that has realized a newspaper able to bloom. Simply, once read, it is not thrown in the trash, but is planted.

A successful experiment, with a daily circulation of 4 million copies, created with a special recycled paper to which are added seeds of the flowers that will bloom pages. The printing ink, of course, is vegetable-based. The publisher calls it 'the newspaper that makes the world greener', animated by the desire to reduce waste and increase city's green areas. But also a way to spread culture and current news starting right from primary schools and at the same time to develop a special attention to the environment. Once the reading is completed, just chop it, wait a few days to see crop up the first green sprouts.

You can see it blooming here below.


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