The branch-bookshelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Jan 26, 2016 | written by:

Objects, as well as people, have a story to tell and that of Bilbao bookshelf, begins like this: one day the Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz was walking along the road to Bilbao (from here the name of the artwork) when, suddenly, he stumbled on a big branch fell out of a tree after a violent storm. Anyone, in his place, would have passed over like nothing ever happened but Sebastian picked up the branch and made an innovative artwork.

The old frond, becoming more smooth and flat after a few hours of work in the laboratory, has been adapted in order to embrace the wall and live a new life as a bookshelf. Errazuriz's original composition comprises a hybrid of materials, including the original oriental plane tree branch, Jequitiba hardwood, stainless steel, glass and black lacquer. The sculpture (located in such a way that, from whatever side you look at it, seems to grow from the floor) has seven glass shelves where exposing the most beautiful books. Bilbao is an example of how you can turn useless elements into something new. Recycling, sometimes, it is so simple that seems absurd not thought of it before.

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