The Breath, the Made in Italy fabric that captures pollution and purifies the air

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Particulates, smog and industrial emissions. Cooking smells, cooking gas, cleansing agents, chemical residues of soaps and perfumes. Not to mention dust and smoke. All of these float in the air we unsuspectingly breathe at home, in the office or in the street. A pollutants cocktail that takes your breath away. This is why Anemotech, an Italian startup founded in 2014 in Casei Gerola, in the province of Pavia, has imagined a simple, eco-friendly and efficient solution, a cutting-edge technology to clean the air we breathe. This technology is called The Breath and below we explain what it is thanks to an interview with Gianmarco Cammi, operations director at Anemotech and co-inventor of the patent.


What is The Breath?

The Breath is a cutting-edge technology to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air, in an ecological and intelligent way. It is a fabric which, passively working, is able to adsorb and disaggregate the polluting and harmful molecules that we breathe every day.


How is the structure of The Breath?

The Breath is structured into three different levels, three layers working in synergy using the natural flow of the air to purify it: a printable frontal part that facilitates the transpiration with antibacterial action, a central adsorbent part that adsorbs and disaggregates polluting molecules, and finally a printable and bactericidal rear part.


How does it work? What are its properties?

The Breath is an energy free system which needs nor electrical nor fossil energy source to purify the air, keeping a low environmental impact and a consistent and sustainable performance. The air passes through the mesh fabric, where the nanomolecule-activated heart of this technology traps and disaggregates pollutants. The cleaner, more breathable air then continues its natural circle. The Breath performs three basic actions: adsorbing action, cleaning action and anti-odour action.

Where is it used? What are its benefits?

The Breath can be used both in indoor and in outdoor environments. Cooking smells, cooking gas, cleansing agents, chemical residues of soaps and perfumes, but also dust, smoke and outside pollution contribute to poor air quality we breathe. Indoor applications: at home, in public places, offices, schools. Outdoor applications: billboards and placards, architectural applications and urbanistic solutions. The benefits of The Breath? Its main action is to subtract from the air we breathe the pollutants that cause respiratory diseases now recognized in the medical field.


How did you get the idea of creating a nanotech fiber able to absorb and disaggregate pollutants? How much did you take to develop the project? Who helped in the project? When it will be introduced on the market?

The idea was born to give an answer to the problem of air we breathe. Not air understood as something that is there but it is not noticeable, but the air that is all around us but especially INSIDE us. We tried to build a 'passive' technology that had no impact on the daily people's lives. It had to be a system usable in any environment and without any kind of maintenance that made losing time. From all this The Breath was born. The project was born from an idea that, after about three years of study and research, has developed into a technology with formidable performance. Anemotech, in addition to its technical staff, has been able to count on the experience of the scientific department of the University of Ancona (Department of Science and Engineering of Matter, Environment and Urban Planning - SIMAU) coordinated by Professor Fava, who followed all the technical and scientific part of the project. After an initial phase of study, Anemotech decided to enter in the B2B market by introducing its technology in the normativache regulates the safety of workplaces, where the company is leading in trying to create healthy places for their employees. The company is also considering the possibility of entering into B2C market in the last quarter of the current year.


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