The Cannery, the first urban farm in California

Sep 08, 2015 | written by:

Do you live in a city but you love healthy nutrition and you follow a sustainablelifestyle? In Davis, California, there is now the first district with a sustainable urban farm of about 3 hectares, which provides, daily, fruit and vegetables cultivated to 547 residential buildings.

The Cannery is more than a community of country lifestyle lovers;it is a large urban project with a lot of technology investment, with the aim to meet the needs of a sustainability and healthy nutrition asked by the people who are going to live there. The first houses will be sold from Saturday, September 14th. They are designed according to the greenbuilding features: each building has its own photovoltaic system, wind turbines feed the public spaces and recharging stations for electric vehicles are scattered around the neighborhood. In addition to the residential area, there will also be a sort of teaching zone dedicated to sustainable agriculture. There will also be a network of trails for walking or biking, to encourage residents to make movement and spend a bit of their time outdoor.



There will be also areas dedicated to progress and innovation, reserved for small businesses, offices and startups, because Davis is one of the American cities with the highest number of graduates!

Kevin Carson, president of Northern California for New Home, says: “We worked very hard in recent years to reach this milestone. The Cannery is different from any other community in the western United States and it was truly a rewarding experience to contribute to a concept so innovative”.

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