The church made of trees

Dec 14, 2015 | written by:

Do see above this wonderful photo? Are you wondering in which Disney movie you've already seen it? No, no and no. It exists in the reality, it’s beautiful (perfect for a romantic wedding, let’s confess it), made of real trees and is located in New Zealand, exactly in the courtyard of Mr. Barry Cox. Obviously it can be booked (always thinking about that famous wedding…).

Barry has always traveled a lot over the years, looking at the world with the watchful eyes of those who want to know and seize all at the best. In 2011, back home from one of his trips, he decided that the three-hectare garden that stretched beside his house were perfect for a church that would bring together all the best of those seen around the world. The project starts and in only four years, the charming and beautiful living church is ready, with the help of his direct gardening company Treelocations who replants whole and alive trees using huge mechanical spades.

The church is made up of a wide variety of trees. Some have trunks in a similar color of the stone, others are characterized by scattered foliage: in this way, the light always seeps through in the church. The gardens around have been set and parking and photo shooting areas arranged (for guests and for bride and groom, clear no?). There is also a labyrinth like that of Minos. Any weddings coming?



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