The circular pattern of Lucart: more efficiency less exhaustible resources

Jun 22, 2015 | written by:

At supermarkets, a consumer who is in front of the shelf paper takes a few seconds to choose his. We have to make him aware of the difference.” These were the words of Massimo Gai, Consumer Marketing Director of Lucart Group, at the conference on "The circular economy" held last June 18 at Expo Milano 2015. Make him aware of what? That there are those who work, invest and believe in the project of a sustainable business and gives to consumers the chance to make a difference, even with a gesture that takes just seconds. The paper is a living material, it has existed for thousands of years and despite what means its production, it is something we could never do without it. We have to deal with this. It 'a valuable resource that should not be wasted, but protected and enhanced, by recycling!

And all this proves Lucart know. At the conferenceindeed, the famous company presented Fiberpak, a project they call "eco-revolutionary" made possible by the partnership with Tetra Pak, the Swedish multinational of food packaging. A technology developed in 2011 allows Lucart to produce 100% ecological paper obtained from the recycling of beverage containers, but promises to keep the same properties and characteristics of virgin paper: strength, softness and absorbency. In this way it was possible to recover 995 million cartons of one liter in just one year and prevent more than 68,000 cubic meters of landfill. The color is characteristic, namely natural, reminiscent of wood, deliberately not bleached to make it clear to its customers that sustainability should be a process that embraces the product to 360 °, without exclusions. Because you do not throw anything away, the rest of the materials coming from the famous Swedish containers (aluminum and plastic) are reused by other companies to make manufactured goods for the building, elements for street furniture and everyday objects. The intensive investments made by this brave and visionary company have produced excellent results: more than 28,000 tons of CO2 less, 165,000 trees uncut, equal to a forest area of 556,000 square meters, in a single year.

"We are very proud of this project, which began four years ago with a total investment of over 10 million Euros" - says Massimo Pasquini, CEO Lucart Group - "Today, on the occasion of Expo 2015, we decided to tell how our company is committed over 60 years to develop a sustainable business project, adopting a circular pattern of production that limits the use of non-renewable resources and maximize the efficiency of reuse”.

Someone here is working for us too. Thank you.

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