The Climate Revolution by Vivienne Westwood

Feb 26, 2016 | written by:

Ms. Westwood seems to be tireless, despite her 75 years old. If you were born before the Seventies, certainly for you she is an idol: one of the Punk Style creators, with extravagant and aggravating creations. However, if you are under 40 years old, you should know her as well due to her surprising parades and her commitment on many fronts.

Just a few days ago, choosing as location the temple of British Surgery, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the queen of fashion made in UK, has presented her autumn-winter collection for women 2016/2017. The style is unmistakable: asymmetrical cuts, overlapping materials and reinterpretations of her classics like the heart jacket. A collection distinguished also by its green color, not so much in clothing as in the political message that accompanies it.

Vivienne, from the stands of being an engagè artist, preceded the exit of her models by a new message addressed to insiders and celebrities invited to attend its prestigious and coveted show without fear and uncertain terms. Dame Viv, as she is affectionately called, raised her voice over the presents by proclaiming her 'Be Specific': an invocation to build a green economy to safeguard the planet and curb the dreaded consequences of global warming.

Already in her diary blog called Climate Revolution had posted a video of herself in her studio, in one of her eccentric outfits, to challenge those climate changes that are likely to lead the world and with it the extinction of humanity. Everyone talks about it, you have heard it more and more often, and yet according to the doyenne of fashion designers of England, the context is much more serious and still too little is done about it.

For this, she appeals to intellectuals and young people still at the university because they should be the first to mobilize and promote truth and culture instead of indiscriminate consumption. During the video, Madame Westwood refers to melting glaciers, to water who is worth more than oil, and at the same time to the weather upset phenomena. In addition to words, Vivienne took a map with her during the parade. It represented the terrestrial globe in two colors: red blood, the index of unlivable areas, largely predominated; green chlorophyll, a symbol of life that remains, only in Northern Europe, Russia and North America. It was a warning to all that might remain if the Earth's average temperature should rise by an additional five degrees.


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