The Foodshare program by Starbucks

Mar 31, 2016 | written by:

The numbers associated to food waste are extremely alarming, especially if we think that everything ends up in the trash of the industrialized countries on the other side there is someone who has nothing to put in the plate. Fortunately, however, the initiatives of those who try to give a new life to food, reducing waste and therefore landfill costs are multiplying.

Starbucks has decided to donate surplus food (good unsold products near the expiration date) at soup kitchens and charities. The new program called 'FoodShare' will be able to provide 5 million meals to people in need in the first year, but the company, which already planned the initiative for the next five years, aims to save 100% of the unsold products from the trash donating 50 million meals by 2021.

The main change concerns the donation of fresh foods including salads, sandwiches and other refrigerated items. Starbucks has invested in research tests to make deployment procedures absolutely safe in accordance with US law and in recent years has had a special focus on environmental and social issues by reducing water use, introducing reusable cups, installing recycling collection bins in stores and finally giving food to people in need.

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