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May 10, 2016 | written by:

They call it 'good design' because is useful, understandable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. What are we talking about? We are talking about design products made with love and that are environmentally friendly. That is why among the four adjectives mentioned above the one we prefer most is 'durable'. Because a good designer always takes care of the ecological footprint of the products he/she creates, both in terms of materials used and production processes. There are many ways to design while respecting the environment. Some designers are devoted to the creative recycling, others are committed to the use of local and natural materials and some others rely on traditional production techniques with a very low waste of energy. Today we are here to talk about three young international designers who deeply care about the sustainability of their products.

Let’s start with Saana ja Olli, a Finnish duo who creates beautiful textiles. In their studio based in Turku, a small town Southwestern Finland, they create only environmentally conscious fabrics with timeless and simplistic patterns. The sustainability of their creations comes from the use of Hemp, a high eco-friendly raw material made from the fibers of the cannabis species. Among their products the ones we love most are the pillows and the placemats, a must have for your springy picnics.

Our second suggestion talks about old pieces of wood, leftovers from carpenters shops. We are virtually in Rome, where Valentina Mezzetti and Alessio Lattanzi, aka Re-lab, produce small pieces of furniture and home accessories, giving new life to all those objects that apparently no longer have one. Our preference definitely goes to their lamps because they have a minimalist style and clean lines but are able to create a very warm and welcoming ambiance.

Last, but not least, the third tip is a story about traditional production processes and woodworking. The designer we are talking about is Swedish and her name is Nathalie Dackelid. Her career is at a very early stage but she already created two prototypes, a wooden cloth and an accordion stool, that are going to make the lives of many people a lot easier. These products are handmade using local ash wood and they will be particular useful to those who live in small apartments and that are in need of practical furniture but don’t want to compromise on style.

What do you think about our selection? Design is a very interesting discipline and it can play a crucial role in improving our everyday life. That is why we love to tell stories and spread the word about “good design”. Knowing how a product is made, what the materials involved are and how many energies and hours are there behind the final product help us buying in a more conscious way, favoring useful, beautiful but - above all - sustainable products.

I’m Valeria Crescenzi, founder of the online magazine The Design Pot, dedicated to independent design and emerging creatives. Born and raised in Rome, currently based in Zurich.

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