The green labyrinth in Parma, Italy

Feb 09, 2016 | written by:

Seen from above, it looks like an unusual colored seven-pointed star but if you go near it and go into that thick green hardly you will find the way out of: goes round and round you will always be there, in the same spot. This is the feeling that you will experience into the world's biggest natural labyrinth built and designed by the Italian publisher Franco Maria Ricci in his properties in Fontanellato, near Parma - Italy.

The monumental green maze covers over seven hectares of land and it is composed entirely of five meters high bamboo hedges. The choice of the bamboo is due to the higher growth rate compared to the traditional maze plant, boxwood. Inside there is a structure used to house exhibition halls, temporary exhibitions, a library, Ricci's works collection and the headquarters of his publishing house. A project surrounded by nature and inspired by the classic Roman mazes. But what is its main purpose? Keeping books and art collections of its creator, promoting cultural and entertainment activities and finally promoting the use of bamboo for the buildings' construction that do not deface the beautiful Italian green landscape.


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