The green SkiDome in Denmark

Feb 08, 2016 | written by:

If you belong to the category 'sad and demoralized due to the few snow and the few possibilities to go skiing', you should think about planning a trip to Denmark. This northern land has never been considered as a possible choice for a ski vacation being one of the flattest country in the world, although the atmosphere that distinguishes it might be the best for skiing.

Yet from 2017 this prejudice will collapse as the largest artificial ski resort in the world will opened. The name is SkiDome Denmark and it will be in Randers, 300 km far from Copenhagen. In tribute to the snow it will have the shape of a snowflake, with three arcs (two covered) intersected to form six slopes served by as many chair lifts, for a total of over 3 km. The upper and outdoor arch will received natural snow, length 800 meters and height of 82 meters.

In total, the tracks will be eight, six indoor and two outdoor and the walls will be perforated to allow skiers a view of the Gudenåen river. What's even more beautiful and interesting is that the whole ski dome will be green: the energy to cool the environment and create snow will be geothermal and solar. Expectations are high and are high even for the opening of the new power plant in Bakke, able to burn cleanly 400 thousand tons of waste each year, providing clean energy to the districts of the capital.

And if all goes well, power plant roof could be used as a winter ski slope. Ready to fly to Denmark?

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