The importance of Eco-Efficiency in Agro-Food Chain

Dec 05, 2016 | written by:

Have you ever heard of Food Innovation? It’s the big branch of knowledge concerning all the innovations in the food chain. Why is such an important sector? Because due of the increasing of world population, climate change and growing scarcity of resources, the need for innovative changes in how food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed is now an increasingly pressing need.

An important opportunity to talk about these issues will be the first Euro-Med Hackathon dedicated to Eco-Efficiency in Agro-Food Chain. The appointment is in Amman (Jordan) the 14th and the 15th December 2016, for a marathon of young innovators who could submit to a jury projects to be developed and launched on the market.

This two hackathon days will be a challenge but also a cultural exchange of fruitful ideas. The inscriptions closed on October 31st; among all the proposals received, a shortlist of 30 young people from 10 countries of the Mediterranean basin has been prepared. The attendees will debate on precision agriculture, vertical farming, social farming solutions for the fields of Palestine refugees and solutions to enhance the efficiency of water use.

On the evening of December 15 will be announced the three most deserving projects. The three winners of the challenge will have the opportunity to participate in the third edition of Seeds&Chips, one of the most important worldwide reference event in the field of Food Innovation. For this showcase of talent promotion and technologically advanced solutions, the appointment is in Milan from 8th to 11th May 2017 with companies like Accenture, Lavazza, Elior, Barilla, Coop, Cisco, Metro Group, TechStars.

The Euro-Med Hackathon is part of MedSpring project (Mediterranean Science project Policy Research and Innovation Gateway), coordinated by IAMB Ciheam (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari) points to the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in research and innovation, facing especially three social challenges: water, food and energy. Challenges fully shared by Seeds&Chips. For this reason the event will open with the key lecture of Marco Gualtieri, CEO of Seeds&Chips, showing all the opportunities of the food innovation stressing the vital importance, for the planet and human health, to equip themselves quickly with alternative models of production, distribution, marketing of agricultural and food products.

Are you a potential investor or people/organization interested in supporting/collaborating with those idea-carriers? You can join the event by registering here. And remember to download the program here

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