The Italian green Factory Project

Jan 05, 2016 | written by:

In Rovereto, Italy, there is a building that embraces the whole story of Italy: firstly, under the Austro Hungarian Empire, then with the First and the Second World War and their post-war periods, and finally with crisis and economic booms of the last years. A history book available through its walls and photos that you can still find surfing the net. This is the Tobacco Factory, founded in mid-800, that already before the First World War was one of the most famous factories in Austria thanks to the production of the well known Virginia cigars.

It was definitively closed in 2008 after several acquisitions and disposals, to life again shortly after with the Factory Project, which aims to create an innovative industrial district aimed at environmental sustainability. A center of renewable energy sources, green technologies and sustainable building that will occupy part of the 90 thousand square meters of the old and prestigious factory.

The guidelines are to create environments and infrastructures dedicated to hosting companies of the green economy; realize and/or recover buildings and installations inspired by criteria of low environmental impact; promote innovation and contribute to the development and use of innovative technologies. Both the restoration of historic buildings and the construction of new facilities that will replace the sheds of the Fifties will respond with the highest standards of energy efficiency, achieving the LEED certification: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Even demolitions have the aim of minimal environmental impact by restricting the spread of dust or preventing soil removal from the site and preserving the cleanliness of the surrounding streets.

The ambitious project also includes that 75% of waste materials from the destruction of old structures will be recycled. Nowadays, already 40 companies are part of the project. In 2018 the recovery of the old tobacco factory should be completed and Rovereto will open the doors of its green jewel, unique in Italy, projected into a future based on sustainability and innovation.

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