The Italian Italo train traveling on the tracks of sustainability

Dec 17, 2014 | written by:

The Italian Ministry of Environment gives the "green license" to Italo, the high-speed and low power consumption train. Indeed, NTV is the first italian transport company to conclude the project about measure the carbon footprint of the industry of rail travelers on the high speed/capacity lines. In particular, Italo was awarded under the emissions generated during exemplifying section Rome - Turin, but also for concurrent activities such as catering, cleaning and waste treatment. Indeed, among the strengths there are interesting elements such as the system of distributed traction, low weight, recyclable construction materials to 98 percent, the separate collection of rubbish on board trains and the signing of agreements with companies of local public transport, such as car and bike sharing.

"Respect for the environment, the less impact on noise and the ability of save energy are carved in the DNA of Italo, which arises even from the design as train 'green'." This is the comment of Antonello Perricone, President of Ntv. "The recognition of the Ministry rewards the commitment to sustainable mobility on which NTV believes in and aims much for its development strategies."

In this way, Italo has also worked on positioning strategy, as it puts in the mind of actual and potential consumers as the most green and innovative alternative as possible, with a significant return on reputation and image. Treedom is happy about the achievement of this Italian excellence, which shows how fruitful can be the choice of integrating in its strategy of development the effort, economic and not, of sustainability. Recall that sustainability isn’t an abstract concept, but rather a complex objective, with specific standards, constantly changing. We need new progress and new goals every year, you can start from simple first steps without stopping there. Once someone sets a new standard others conform. But if you want to maintain the leading position in the industry and to present to the public as the best choices, we must move on to new targets. And we count on that!

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