The Nature of Women: to each woman her tree.

Mar 03, 2015 | written by:

March 8th is on the way and to celebrate Women’s Day we decided to come up with an initiative that we hope you all appreciate.


The Nature of Women - a title has never been more fitting - was created because each woman, in her own unique way, is different from others yet all women are equally special and the same goes for trees.

We’ve thus decided to dedicate a tree to four great female figures of the past, each being an important symbol of a virtue representing feminine nature.


To celebrate the female imagination we chose the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo who is represented by the Avocado, the tree of creativity. A perfect gift for the bold, extroverted woman.


The Cacao tree is an obvious choice to evoke the sweetness that we associate with the lovely Audrey Hepburn.


The Orange, tree of optimism, is dedicated to the double Nobel award-winner Marie Curie as a symbol of the hope and effort that spark within women in their daily professions.


And finally, the courage of women is represented by the aviator Amelia Earhart whose breathtaking adventures are depicted by the Lemon tree.


The limited edition Women’s Day trees can be purchased until March 9th.

The gift will bring happiness not only to the women in your life but also to those supported by Treedom projects.



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