The Netherlands say no to petrol cars

Apr 10, 2016 | written by:

It’s common known that Holland is always on the top of the charts as one of the ideal country in which live, cutting-edge not only from the professional point of view, but also for the lifestyle. But it’s a news came put only few days ago, that another pro has been added to the list of ‘why living in Holland is a good choice’.

It’s started the legislative process that by 2025 will bring to the notice of all vehicles with internal combustion engine in favor of electric ones. Proposed by Labor Party PvdA and supported also by the representatives of the Liberal Democratic D66, green GroenLinks and ChristenUnie parties, SP and Kuzu/Ozturk, the measure leading to the elimination of all cars running with petrol and diesel, has already had a first approval in the Parliament. Instead of, the right VVD is strongly opposed to it, having also opposed the norm. The country of windmills is the first among the ones of the European Union to take the plunge on the subject, but this is not its first green bet.

The Netherlands has always been one of the most active countries in terms of environmental protection. In 2013, the government has fought and imposed the buildings’ thermal insulation, in order to better rationalize the living space heating, and a strong reduction of CO2 emissions. And just a few months ago, in December 2015, it has kicked off the Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance with Germany, the UK, Norway, British Columbia, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Quebec, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The countries’ goal participant it’s to arrive by 2050 to the exclusive sale of cars with zero emissions. Apparently, however, the Netherlands has tightened the rope and come to the finish line first, and well ahead of the others. Yet, the Minister of Economic Affairs Kamp considers the path taken by the country of windmills only as a struggle against those mills that characterize the landscape, as would says Don Quixote. According to Kamp it could speculate that within ten years the share of electrical machinery market will grow by up to 15%, but no further. As a provocation, from the point of view of the Minister, then a real opportunity to make outlaws cars powered by fossil fuels. But the fact remains that the debate in the Netherlands is now open and has started and it is also a way to warn the car manufacturers that it’s time to produce vehicles powered by green fuels or alternative energy.  

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