The new electric SUV by Jaguar

Nov 25, 2015 | written by:

Are you looking for a zero emissions, quiet, spacious and useful car? The electric SUV marked Jaguar is coming!

The electric power, as I have already said here, is the future of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle and many carmakers have understood it; among them Tesla (with its Model X), Audi (which plans to have its Q6 e-tron quattro ready for 2018), Volvo (which has just converted its XC90 to electric power), BMW (with i3 and i8 models), and finally Jaguar that has recently announced the emergence onto the market of the new 4-motor electric SUV, one for each wheel, even if it is a technology still never tested on a car's production.

Right now, we have not many information: the new Jaguar, which has yet to have a name, will have 500 kilometres of range, will be inspired to the sports car C-X75 used for the last James Bond's film, will cost about $ 80,000 and will be available by 2017. Style, technology and sustainability are the pillars around which the British automaker is working... all we can do is to wait.

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