The Ohio State University works on clean energy and zero waste

Jan 14, 2016 | written by:

The best-known appreciated sport of the United States of America (football, to be clear) takes care of the environment and the Ohio State University team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, madly loves green, clean energy and recycling so much that, in 2014, the 95.2% of waste produced inside the stadium during matches have been allocated to repurposing and composting.

The ecological efforts, made over the years with fans, are significant: the recycling rates almost have doubled, 237 solar panels were installed on the Recreational and Physical Activities Center roof and 21% of the electricity needed is obtained from wind. A section of Ohio University, moreover, worked with Quasar Energy Group to produce affordable renewable energy from organic biomass and to turn food waste into biogas and nutrient-rich fertilizer. But that's not all. Ohio State is making efforts to green the area outside the stadium (less controlled by the staff) and to green the Value City Arena, the university multipurpose structure used for sports, concerts and other entertainment events.

Goals for the future? Zero carbon emissions by 2050 improving energy efficiency and significantly reducing the production of waste.

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