The paper sculptures by Daniele Papuli

Mar 02, 2016 | written by:

There are sculptures made of stone, wood, plaster, marble and then also those in paper. Yes, paper, brittle material that comes from trees and therefore from nature, becomes the protagonist in the works of Italian artist Daniele Papuli.

After having investigated and studied different materials, the sculptor is fascinated by the papermaking process and choose it to create amazing installations and express his own language. From simple media on which making a mark, writing a thought or applying a color, paper, by Daniel's skills, becomes sculptural material. With paper, even with papers (from the most prestigious to the most common, sometimes collected from old telephone directories) intervening with precise cuts, breaking them down and putting them together with deft folds and bends, impregnating them with ink or preserving their natural color, he creates with his hands sculptures formed by thousands of tiny filaments.

The artist is able to obtain, in this way, fluid and unpredictable masses that, like a multi-colored magma, invade the space that houses them and interact with it. The works, made of alive, vibrant and ever-changing material but at the same time brittle by its nature, are not durable and are easily vulnerable but their astonishing charm has gone around Europe.



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