The Repair Association, the lobby that fights against the waste's society

Apr 10, 2016 | written by:

If it's broken it does not mean that you have to throw it away. The professionals, hobbyists and consumers in the US think so anche they have given rise to 'The Repair Association', the fix-it lobby that puts together who don't want to throw away the broken objects and claim the right to repair everything, from mobile phone to TV passing by the refrigerators, cars and tractors.

In an age increasingly focused on unrestrained consumerism and waste, 'The Repair Association' chooses to go against the grain giving a second life to the broken things, fighting the monopoly of the multinationals that impose their rules on spare parts and, more generally, they point to the replacement of the product. The repair industry is facing some challenges: multinationals limit the access to documentation manuals, components and software, so consumers are forcing to rely on expensive repairs carried out by the manufacturer or affiliated centers, against small entrepreneurs and artisans that are seen boycotted by large industrial companies.

The purposes of this new lobby are clear and focus on four fundamental aspects: free access to technical documentation and repair manuals, ability to freely find and buy spare parts and accessories, obtaining the approval of decrees and laws that allow to unlock and manipulate programs and electronic software systems and finally embracing a perspective less consumerist and more oriented to repair and recycling without forgetting that repair also means protecting the environment, extending the life of products and therefore reducing their disposal in landfills.

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