The Spiral, the skyscraper with roof-gardens of Manhattan

Feb 25, 2016 | written by:

We say goodbye to the sad gray skyscrapers in big cities: a tower with roof-gardens on every floor puts the roots in Manhattan. I've already told you on several occasions (here, here, and also here) about green buildings that color our cities and their imporant benefits so you will not be surprised to know that in Manhattan, in the new residential district of Hudson Yards, a skyscraper built of glass, steel and... nature is coming.

The tower designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is 65 floors high and is equipped with large panoramic terraces built up in quick succession following a propeller's course: it is no accident that the building was called The Spiral. Each floor, equipped with roof-gardens from the base to the top, overflow with evergreen plants and flowers that will make more cheerful the external view and the livability of indoors.

The Spiral will house offices and commercial activities and its realization will have specific purposes: responding to the needs of citizens to be surrounded by greenery in the urban environment, searching in the sustainability and ecology a new dimension in which living everyday life and finally creating a new standard in the architecture office, where nature becomes a part of the work environment.


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