The vertical forest in Shjiazhuang

Jan 05, 2016 | written by:

In Milan there is another landmark, became so important and well known as the Cathedral or the theatre La Scala. You can see it standing out in the skyline, it makes envy even real woods because the two towers designed by the architect Stefano Boeri are not only the vertical forest of Isola neighborhood but of the whole city, holding a floristic biodiversity of over 11 thousand of trees, shrubs and plant species, and contributing to a significant saving of energy, regenerating the environment and the urban biodiversity without implying an expansion of the city in the territory.

The award-winning vertical forest has attracted the attention of Shjiazhuang, the Chinese capital provincial most polluted, which required to Boeri to realize not a wood, but a forest able to clean air, increase plant and fauna biodiversity, reduce energy consumption and global warming. Certainly it’s not easy: works will be seen by the impressive mountains pitted from coal mines and by the steel mills of the steaming cauldron that the area greets, for all the five years necessary to complete the project. Project that will be a flower, both in shape and for what it will mean, with five petals and hundred vertical woods as residential buildings, as well as lower buildings used for offices, laboratories, schools, surrounded and wrapped plant, trees and lawns.

A self-sufficient forest, wired for all needs, crossable on foot and by bicycle, with sustainable transport networks, that is going to reduce the waste of land with the expedient of building in height. In conclusion, to paraphrase Mulan, it will be a rare and beautiful flower blooming in adversity cause of a difficult territory.

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