The wonders of Canada according to the canadians: the new tourism marketing

Oct 12, 2014 | written by:


What emotions and what shows can offer a trip to Canada? Who knows better than canadians?
This is the basic concept of the marketing campaign designed by Canadian Tourism CommissionCanada shared by canadians - Keep exploring”. 
The spot was created by asking to the Canadians to share their Canada and to be directors of their experience in this country.
The result? The site collects videos shot by 35 million Canadians for a total of 65 hours of material.

The spot takes 2 minutes, reaching almost 1 million views on Youtube and leaves us speechless. We discover a thousand faces of Canada: nature, culture, sports, adventure, small towns, but also high-rise buildings, history, emotions, adrenaline, breathtaking landscapes, flora, fauna, life. 

The result (and the aim) is not an advertisement for the highest quality of the shot, but the experience of the country is the protagonist, the real one, made ​by the people.

This campaign has put the resident at the center of the whole initiative, who that better than anyone else knows and loves his country. The resident felt the protagonist and this would explain the high level of participation. Indeed, since 8206 contributions were selected 82 winners and was made ​a video full of emotions, a truly exceptional example of storytelling.

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