The world's largest rooftop farm

Nov 26, 2015 | written by:

Is the conventional field production old-time? Let us move to the 'rooftop farming' and sow on the roof. In the Chicago's South side, the famous Brooklyn-based urban farming compagny Gotham Greens has realised a mega-garden with a greenhouse powered 100% by renewable energy on a factory's roof.

The 75,000 square-foot farm employs more than 50 people and produces nearly 10 million of premium-quality crops without using pesticides. The company provides fresh, healthy and locally-grown food to residents across Chicago and, thanks to sophisticated computer control systems, it is able to continually adapt the greenhouse environment to ensure optimal growing conditions during the different seasons, regardless of temperature. This particular growing method, in addition to ensure fruits and vegetables for 365 days a year, it produces up to thirty times more crop per acre than field production and uses ten times less water than conventional agriculture.

The benefits do not end here. The Gotham Greens company recycles all of its irrigation water, eliminates all agricultural runoff, one of the leading causes of global water pollution, and additionally, by growing and selling the products directly in Chicago, it drastically reduces the food waste and the environmental footprint inherent in long-distance food transport.

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