Three apps to identify leaves and trees

Oct 13, 2015 | written by:

I’m not a botanist, but I love to spend my free time outdoor and botanical species are my new passion. But, you know, the botanical books are difficult and I haven’t enough time to study them. So I found a solutions, or I must say three solutions: three smartphone and tablet apps dedicated to nature lovers to let them discover flowers, plants, trees and fruits.

The first one is called Leafsnap and it is currently available only for iOS. It works with a software based on visual recognition of the leaves: you take a picture with the camera of your device and then upload it. You can shoot the leaf and then you can read the name and image of the tree or the plant from which it comes, with its name in English and the botanical name in Latin.

Like that Garden is another app which can be considered a real gardener guide. It is able to tell you the name of the tree, its description, and other information such as the places where you can find more frequently.The really funny feature is the possibility to create your own garden putting together a list of species that you would like to plant.

Then there is iForest, a true botanical electronic encyclopedia. It contains more than 1,700 images concerning 113 trees and bushes of Central Europe with information about some botanical characteristics, such as wood, forestry, the use in medicine and cooking recipes.The curiosity of this app is the Celtichoroscope: your date of birth is associated with a tree.Available for both known operating systems, the app is not freeand 10% of the proceeds go to Bergwaldprojekt, the foundation which aims to promote the conservation, care and protection of the forest and the countryside in the Europeanmountain areas.

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