Timberland, a shoe (and company) in step with the environment

Nov 19, 2014 | written by:

The famous American manufacturer of outdoor wear recently announced a partnership with Omni United, tire manufacturer, to create a new line of tires can be recycled and turned into shoe soles, rather than ending up in landfill or be burned at the end of their life cycle. These tires made of a special rubber will be marketed from 2015 and will fit three car categories (city cars, SUVs and trucks), and 75 percent of passenger cars in North America.

Emily Wing, director of development of materials for Timberland, says ”We know that the materials used in our products are some of our major environmental impacts. And the way in which we strive to reduce this impact is recycling.” It’s important to note that with this initiative Timberland reaffirms its commitment to environmentally sustainable production, a path taken in 2009 with the launch of the "detachable" and fully recyclable shoes: Earthkeepers 2.0.

What leads to this strategic choice? Since the target audience is mostly represented by fans in the industry, naturalists as a hobby or business, then it triesto activate a mechanism of identification with the brand, of appreciation and recognition of the company's tangible and the values of which it is promoting.

During an interview with Gianpaolo Potsios, managing partner of one of the companies of the group Timberland working in the plantation sector, he says: "The eco-sustainability is one of the cornerstones of Timberland. We work in the long term, the development of forests is in the long term too, so we built our business on this element. That's why for every tree we cut it we raise three. We need to ensure the continuity of organic growth if we want our investment strategy not die.

Last year, Timberland has allocated the highest budget in the context of communication and marketing and has provided an interaction program 360 degrees with consumers with print campaigns, in-store activities and around the world online, including social network. So it launched "Earthkeepers On The Road. Stories of people out”, a project that aims to show customers the green soul of the brand and its commitment to environmental sustainability. Also because, the nature needs heroes.

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