Toilet paper saves the environment, how?

Sep 30, 2014 | written by:


No, Scott toilet paper employees did not forget to insert the famous cardboard tube from their toilet paper products. This is their simple concept designed to keep those tubes from piling our landfills.


After years, getting rid of them is a small, yet impactful step to making a difference in our environment. Although the tubes are made of recycled material, they are hardly ever recycled and are instead tossed out.


Scott assures that this innovation will not change the quality or price of the products. Better yet, they will still be able to fit in any toilet dispenser so we won’t even notice a difference at all. Along with the invention, the company urges consumers to sign their pledge of saving trees and our landfills by switching to tubeless toilet papers.


To think that making a change to a product that has stayed the same for the last 120 years involved removing such an unnecessary item proves how many little things we use that are wasteful.


Scott has launched the product in the east coast and will soon “roll” it out to the rest of the nation.


Here is the commercial that was launched this past summer that persuades us to switch to Scott Naturals and take the pledge:



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