Transforming CO2 into energy

Nov 23, 2015 | written by:

Carbon dioxide, as you already know, is considered one of the most important greenhouse gaseous and it is the main cause of global warming, but... If I told you that now there is a way to capture CO2 and convert it into usable energy how would you feel?

The innovation comes directly from a Swiss company, Climeworks, which has created a system that captures and converts CO2 into a usable byproduct, making our atmosphere cleaner. How does it work? Using Direct Air Capture technology (based on a cyclical adsorption/desorption process) the air is sucked from a big tube and CO2 is retained and collected inside a special filter. The overflowing filter is then heated to 100° C, creating a very pure gaseous CO2 that can be used for a wide variety of industrial purposes, including the production of synthetic fuels.

Climeworks does not hide its environmentally responsible side: the plant, in addition to dispose of the carbon dioxide's excess in the atmosphere, it uses little energy to fuel the machinery and often the waste heat from other industries.

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