Tratoppen, the wooden skyscraper in Stockholm

Feb 07, 2017 | written by:

The last frontier in the field of architecture and construction industry is the oldest building material over the course of history: wood that, thanks to its physical properties combined with modern technology, is becoming a viable alternative to the use of bricks and concrete. Architects and engineers from all over the world prove it with their innovative projects that respect more and more nature and environment.

The last comes directly from Stockholm, it was commissioned by Stockholm Center Party and it carries the signature of Anders Berensson Architects. It's called Tratoppen ('The tree top' in Swedish) and it is a 40-storey skyscraper made entirely of wood that should arise in the middle of Stockholm, to be precise above the existing Parkaden car park built in the 60s and located in the city center. The building should not deface in any way the facade of the underlying structure standing back 6 meters from it and it would be realized with cross-laminated timber, a precious, durable and resistant material that would allow the structure to reach 133 meters in height and thus becomes the tallest in Stockholm.

If we want to reduce the amount of cars in the city center of Stockholm, change urban mobility and at the same time make space for more housing, shops and restaurants without building on green areas, this skyscraper is the right solution - Anders Berensson Architects explains - In Sweden, cross-laminated timber is a rather new technique and is mostly used for low buildings, but we wanted to show its potential especially since Sweden has a big wood industry”.

The facade will be patterned with large numbers corresponding to the floor number: this solution will help to create a sun screen, while ensuring low power consumption. Tratoppen will house shops, restaurants, apartments and roof terraces, and if in Stockholm, the Center Party who commissioned the project are voted into government at the next election in 2018, there is a good chance to realise the project.

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