Treedom and Busforfun: a new journey has just begun

Nov 11, 2016 | written by:

From the Radiohead to the Italy national team rugby match against the out of sight All Blacks, from the Coldplay’s concert in Sansiro next July to the one of Justin Bieber held in a few days in Bologna. The great events able to move the crowds from one corner of the country to the other are hundreds, or even thousands. 

In this digital era, attending physically a concert of a band or shout supporting our team seems now to become a romantic shared passion of an increase number of people.

However, reaching the venues where these events take place is not always easy and cheap: there are many kilometers to go, the difficulty to use their own transport or the high costs both for the private and public transport. A solution to this problem is offered by, the bus service that takes you, at an affordable price, to events, matches, concerts, fairs, festivals, and amusement parks around Italy, but also in Croatia and Austria.

Over the last few months, has decided to plant with Treedom a tree for each affiliate event to the platform. Here you can find the first trees of the’s forest intended to increase in the next few days.

In addition, starting from this week, everyone interested in booking a trip with one of the bus service could decide if, adding a few cents to the ticket price, enlarge the number of the trees in the’s forest.

The two founders of the project, Luca Campanile and Davide Buscato, are delighted to contribute to our mission in making the Planet always greener and they tell us: "The collaboration with Treedom is the logical evolution of Busforfun to realize the vision of a travel with a minimal environmental impact. The service quality and sales network are combine with the environmental sensibility ever showed by our young passengers".

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