Treedom is going to open a branch in the US. The presentation will take place at the Sustainable Brands 2014 event.

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Treedom, a Florentine social business, founded in 2010, which promotes reforestation projects in the southern hemisphere and offers innovative strategies for corporate social responsibility, sustainability, green marketing and communication, opens an office in Los Angeles. The presentation of the U.S. office will take place at the Sustainable Brands 2014 in San Diego ( from June 2 to June 5), the most largest global event dedicated to sustainability.

Sustainable Brands is like a home for the global community of innovators who seek to shaping the future of sustainable business around the world. Since 2006, the goal was to inspire and engage entrepreneurs for expanding and opening a way to a sustainable future. Sustainable Brands offers news and views on best practices, a directory to provide solutions designed to help a brand in pushing innovation in sustainability: all with a ecosystem of partners that support the projects in their development.

The events of the Sustainable Brands week are designed to inspire, discover and co-create new opportunities for innovation and for sustainability. Treedom cannot fail to make known, in occasion of this incredible opportunity, its green project to participants. It is evident that an increasing number of people are paying increasing attention to environmental issues and establish their purchases on environmental responsibility of companies. These have to pass through an environmental communication strategy, aimed at highlighting their real commitment to the planet.

Development must be good for the environment.

Because sustainability does not become an empty word, each project that defines it as sustainable must clarify how and in which manner is going to be sustainable. Treedom offers this possibility with agroforestry projects around the world, where anyone can participate in planting a tree or an entire forest in the name of its brand. Technology and innovation go hand in hand with sustainability for Treedom. This is due to the choice of operating in emerging and in developing countries to join the environmental mission to the social one.

As mentioned above, this year Treedom is present with an office in California. The American dream comes from participation in the Fulbright Best in 2010, when the adventure of Treedom had just begun: this important experience gave way to study the methodology for geo-tagging and mapping every single tree. Here hence the desire to create an American branch in Los Angeles, near the famous Silicon Valley: from a few months this idea is become real.

Environmental sustainability is the basis for achieving the economic sustainability: the second one cannot be achieved at the cost of the first (Khan)



For more information on Treedom:

Treedom S.r.l. in Italy

Via di mezzo 10/r - 50121 Florence, Italy

Phone - Fax +39 055 0503228


Treedom Inc. in the US

3110 Main Street, The Annex, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone +1.424.666.1755


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