TreeSmart pencils save the trees!

Oct 13, 2015 | written by:

Did you know that more than 14 billion pencils are sold worldwide every single year? Trees are constantly strain to the limit so Chris Stangland founded 'TreeSmart', a Oregon-based company that brings pencils, colored pencils and rulers made from recycled newspapers in United States' schools. How does this environmentally sustainable production work? The first step is the collection of old newspapers which are then cut and soaked in a special glue. Next, the paper is hand rolled around the graphite, allowed to dry and a little eraser is attached to the end.

The amazing thing is that 200 pencils can be made from only one newspaper; this means that a stack of old magazines can potentially save a tree! 'TreeSmart' not only deals with the resources conservation but teaches recycling into schools and offers a fundraising program. To participate in the initiative, the institute must send unused paper to the company, which turns them into personalized pencils which are then sold by the students. Firstly, children learn the meaning of sustainable development then the school raises money for education.

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