Vegetable gardens inside the German supermarkets

Apr 16, 2016 | written by:

It’s well known for those who have a vegetable garden. It’s difficult and it takes time, but finally being able to see the fruits of your work it’s really rewarding and above all you immediately feel the freshness of the food once brought to the table. Even those who have a simple plant of basil on the balcony can realize the different scent and the pleasure of being able to take a leaf from the sprig and immediately put into the pot.

The German start-up Infarm - and with it its CEO and Founder, Erez Galonska - had the bright idea to fix many black thumb, the little availability of space and time as many and the fatigue of the few having both a home vegetable garden than a green thumb, proposing to install vegetable gardens inside the supermarkets chain Metro present in the capital Berlin. Host these greenhouses means offer salad and fresh basil (for the moment, but in the future will be also added tomatoes and peppers) to its customers every day, there is only to collect them directly from the tree before you can eat them. Customers and consumers seem to be very happy and pleased with this opportunity given to them: positive reviews on the Facebook page of the start-up multiply themselves with requests to spread these greenhouses also in other German cities.

Inside these greenhouses called Kräuter Garten, the herb garden, plants grow vertically with the hydroponics method: placed in a sort of cube, they are grown with water and LED lights. "These vertical gardens are environmentally friendly because vegetables do not travel from the fields to the urban area - says the cofounder of Infarm, Guy Galonska - for me are the future, so that we are imagining even take them in restaurants." It would be a future in which cities could become self-sufficient in their food production, where the autonomous farms would grow fresh products at affordable prices, eliminating waste. So, vegetables kilometer zero and urban gardens, to eat better and reduce environmental impact. Meanwhile, the Kräuter Garten are monitored with micro sensors to process the growth figures of the plants contained within them and make the best possible conditions.

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