VIDEO: Elephant Picks Up Our Garbage

Dec 30, 2014 | written by:

Elephants have been in the media a lot recently, mostly due to the illegal poaching practices that are taking place in various countries around the world. However, recently, a new special elephant has become viral for another reason. The elephant in this video was captured by CCTV surveillance footage somewhere in South Africa walking over to a garbage can, picking up littered waste around it, and putting it in the can using his trunk. Although this video is endearing and very impressive, it is also a reminder that animals are affected by the way we treat the planet and that they should not be cleaning up after us!

The authenticity of this video is not yet completely clear to us, but whatever the origin, this video sends out a very clear message about keeping the planet clean. If elephants can clean up after us, why can’t we clean up after ourselves?

Watch the remarkable video:

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