Video of Insect-Eating Plants Will Give You Chills

Nov 19, 2014 | written by:

We’ve talked about some of the scariest sea creatures, and even highlighted some of the most beautiful snakes who deceive us with their venom. We get it, nature can be beautiful, but sometimes also downright scary.

In fact, time lapse photographer Chris Field has reminded us that the animal kingdom isn’t the only frightening part of nature. His recent time lapse video, Carnivora Gardinum, which took 107 days to make, using two separate cameras features a venus flytrap devouring creepy-crawling spiders, reminds us that plants are not always as innocent as they appear. Frankly, we’re feeling a little conflicted here.

One thing is for certain, however; we could sit through a feature length of this clip because on top of the mesmerizing visuals, the sound effects chosen for the video sent vicious chills up our spines! Mother Nature does not mess around.

Field also makes custom built time lapse equipment, which he has made a business out of, The Chronos Project LLC.

Check out the horrifying, yet breathtaking video for yourself:

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