Vik Muniz and the art of recycling

Oct 01, 2015 | written by:

You will certainly have to trash broken or unused object but, fortunately, there is someone who have found a creative way to reuse these things.                     

Vik Muniz, a famous 'alternative' Brazilian artist and photographer (one of those who makes weird things), practices the so called 'Trash Art', creating compositions using waste materials. He recovers waste such as buckets, broken washing machines, bottles, bolts, barrels, old rags, cans, food scraps, then he assembles them, takes pictures from above and makes real masterpieces.



This eco-sustainable artistic trend shows that, sometimes, what is apparently useless can turn into something beautiful. That's not all. The artist instead of classical oil painting on canvas paints his works using sugar, peanut butter, jam, liquid chocolate, dust and sawdust. The subjects are not original but reproduce the artwork of the past: Muniz aim is to show in a new light what is already known and belongs to the universal heritage.

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