Volvo: #drivingdirty

Nov 03, 2015 | written by:

The slogan of the initiative organized by Volvo with the hashtag #drivingdirty, would seem to remember a glossy cover of Playboy magazine and make reference to something completely different compared to the original idea of Steve Hinkle, owner of the official Volvo dealer in San Diego.

But a bit of contextualization would be required at this point: in the last few months, California is in the midst of a serious drought. So serious that lake Goose is gradually disappearing. The situation has raised awareness also to the Volvo’s Management who has invited their customers to stop washing their cars for an entire month in order to potentially save as much as 18 million gallons of water according to the estimates of a public study.



Furthermore, in order to stimulate drivers, Hinkle has also been offering a voucher to be used in a recycled water carwash. In the era of digitalization, the next step is to share photos of your own 'dirty car' on social media as a symbol of joining the initiative; thus, on twitter the users have started to publish their first photos. So, are we ready to drive dirty for a while?

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