WAMI, the water that brings water to the worldwide countries in need!

Feb 28, 2017 | written by:

Water is a resource granted to each of us, for this reason we often find hard to believe that, nowadays, for somebody, this basic necessity is still unattainable. Yet, that's right.

663 million people worldwide live without clean water. The majority of them live in isolated rural areas and spend many hours every day walking to collect water necessary for survival. To be more precise 140 million hours are spent gathering water every day, the most important daily activity for women and children in developing countries that risks, in this way, to compromise their physical health because of the weight of the water they carry for several kilometers, which means (for children) 443 million school days missed every year because of the lack of energy or water-related diseases.

WAMI, the uncontaminated water that gushes from the Alps with a specific mission, comes out in this worrying scenario: donating clean water to people in need, 1 bottle of WAMI = 100 liters of water donated, giving to everybody the opportunity to be part of the change. How? WAMI, in collaboration with expert partners, looks for a community in need, analyzes the underground aquifers to find a safe and sustainable water source, builds water wells and other infrastructure in order to provide millions of gallons of water to entire villages and finally trains local leaders to manage the new water source.

We are a company with a social mission. This allows us not to depend on donations, to be transparent and to attract the best talents as to make our mission sustainable. We build water wells and for every bottle we guarantee a certain amount of water donated - Giacomo Stefanini, founder of WAMI, explains - We don’t make promises, we create actual projects. This is why we first build the water wells and then recover the investment through the sale of our bottles. So that if you purchase a WAMI bottle, you already know which project you are contributing to. In this way we create a self-feeding mechanism... bottle after bottle, water wells after water wells. Change your water change your world”. 

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