Warka Water, the tree that produces water

Mar 23, 2016 | written by:

We all know that trees produce oxygen, but there is also a tree that is able produce 100 liters of water a day. It's called Warka Water and it is a tree that literrally takes away the thirst: about 9 months after its installation in Ethiopia, a land with serious problems of drought, Warka Water has already produced more than 29.000 liters of water and removed the thirst to 30.000 people.

The structure, designed by Italian architect Arturo Vittori, is 10 meters high, weighs only 60 kilograms, is eco-friendly and built with readily available ecological materials, it is easy to assemble and relatively cheap, about $ 500. Warka Water is based on air condensation and taking advantage of the strong day-night temperature range in Africa, it captures dew, fog and tiny particles of moisture turning them into drinking water.

The first prototype was built directly on Ethiopian territory with the support of Cooperazione Italiana and if the project became truly operational, exceeding the design phase, the local populations of the countries affected by drought would see a substantial improvement in their lives: women and children are now forced to travel long distances on foot to get water which, in most cases, is contaminated. This involves, in addition to a high health risk, a considerable increase in work for women already engaged in various household tasks and emphasizes the impossibility for children to access to education.

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