Waste no more: Reverse Vending Machines

Sep 17, 2014 | written by:

Recycling plastic just became a lot more rewarding and innovative. Since being introduced in 2012, Reverse Vending Machines throughout the city of Beijing have allowed tourists and locals to turn in plastic bottles per year in exchange for subway tickets and mobile phone minutes. One of the 34 machines placed throughout the city is located in one of its biggest tourist points, Temple of Heaven. On a given day, about 60,000 people will pass by the machine.


According Sydney’s city website, they have recently placed two similar machines in the local area that gives users the option to choose a reward for their recyclables. Options vary from a food ticket for 2 valid at local food trucks, Sydney New Year’s Eve Dawes Point event and donating the reward to Clean Up Australia.


The best part about these machines is that they scan the plastic bottles as they are collected, providing the best products for recycling. Therefore, contamination will not be an issue in the process!


Would this make it easier to recycle if the US were to follow suit?



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