Wattway, the first photovoltaic road

Feb 16, 2016 | written by:

Close your eyes and imagine a road able to collect and produce solar energy, then open them again and you will have... Wattway, the first photovoltaic road 'Made in France'. This innovation will be made by the National Institute of Solar Energy (INES) in collaboration with Colas, a global leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures, and it is estimated to be completed within the next five years.

Wattway will transform 1000 km of paved road in a roadway completely covered with photovoltaic panels thanks to the production of a special material few millimeters of thickness with polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells embedded in a substrate. The plates are slip-resistant, adaptable to any type of road and very resistant because they are designed to support loads comparable to trucks and trucks. The installation is very simple: just stick them directly on the asphalt, without civil works but using the existing infrastructure. The purpose of this project? Being able to provide clean power to approximately 5 million people, without taking away space to farmland and natural landscapes to meet the energy requirements of 8% of the population. A good result announcing an important change in investment management in favor of supporting the environment interventions.

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